Since this will be a non-profit “citizen owned so to speak” we can not rely on the funds generated by our property taxes. So we will, at first, need the community to help via a campaign. Once we get our non-profit status then we can apply for grants.

First Phase (Completed): Raise funds for business license, non-profit & charitable status, and open a banking trust account.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to get us this far.

Phase Two (Current): This phase of fundraising is for leasing a facility.  Below is a rendering highlighting the features and layout of the urgent care facility we envision.  Current local real estate market values estimate a rental expense of approximately $1.00 sq ft ($12.00 sq ft/annum). Having a facility already leased may help in grants approving our funding requests for equipment, supplies and salaries.

Phase Three: We will focus on buying equipment & supplies plus preparing for staffing and facility expenses. Any funds received above the $200,000.00 in phase two will go to final expenses. Our ultimate goal in raising funds is $4,000,000.00.