We believe in love, compassion and in our community.

Ocean Shores Urgent Care is a 501(c)3  Our EIN: 92-0529957 

We are working to bring an Urgent Care Facility to Ocean Shores. This will be an independent non-profit organization outside of HRH and Sea Mar where the residents and visitors of Ocean Shores can receive care without an appointment.

Urgent Care Description: For an ailment or injury that cannot wait to be seen by your primary care doctor but is not serious enough to have to go into an emergency room.

The intention is to provide “no appointment” medical care as well as urgent care needs; mobile care for those who can’t get to the clinic; and various other services beyond general physical health care.

Interesting article on Urgent Care Use

Your input is welcome – send an email

As a non-profit there are no “owners” to be paid.

Instead, profits will be designated as follows:

10% future expenses & expansions.

10% sponsorships.

10% scholarships.

20% uninsured and low-income patient expenses.

50% staff income supplements & bonuses.

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