Assistant Fire Chief, Mike Mandella

Assistant Chief Mike Mandella is a new resident of Ocean Shores.  He moved here in 2021 with his wife of (almost) 50 years, Pat.

A/C Mandella (Mike) began his career in the fire service in 1977 with the Fire Department of New York City, working in a busy engine company in Flatbush, Brooklyn until deciding to relocate with his family in 1985, where he was hired as a lateral firefighter at the Port of Seattle at Sea-Tac Airport in that same year.  Mike served in every role, eventually being appointed as Fire Chief in 2000.

After retiring in 2008, Mike worked as a general contractor and consultant in Emergency Management.  A few of his accomplishments include working as lead contractor for the FEMA Region X Earthquake full-scale exercise known as “Evergreen Quake”, which included 6 counties, WA State, more than 20 cities, 4 tribal nations and more than 1000 exercise participants.

Mike also served as a consultant to the government of Greece, where he provided consultation services for the 2004 Olympic Summer Games, assisting the local agencies in Greece in the preparation for bio-terrorism attacks during the games.

Mike then worked as a consultant for NORCOM, one of the largest 911 centers in King County, providing change management strategies to assist NORCOM in developing a high performing agency and cadre of employees.  He was then asked to remain on staff as their Deputy Director, where he served until 2018.

When the opportunity arose to “go back to his roots”, Mike then worked as a contract employee for the Mercer Island Fire Department as their Deputy Fire Chief from 2018 to 2021.

When Mike saw a chance to once again serve in a capacity that afforded him the opportunity to engage in the dream job of being a firefighter, he jumped at the chance to apply for the position of Assistant Fire Chief with us at the Ocean Shores Fire Department. 

A/C Mandella’s family has deep roots in public service as well.  His wife Pat was an Airlift Flight nurse for many of her 42 years as a nurse, and both sons are in law enforcement.