Born and raised in Monterey, California, I started my medical training very early. 

I started as a CNA in high school, while working part time and studying to advance my career. After graduating, I decided to try something new and different and became certified in phlebotomy. I worked at a blood bank and plasma center for several years. The company closed, but I wanted to learn more. Staying in the medical field, I went on to become an EMT. This was a challenging but rewarding position. I soon realized I wanted a more “hands on” career, to include continuity of care. I then obtained my LPN license. 

Since moving to Washington, I worked for an internal medicine clinic. My duties included nursing, front office – scheduling, billing, accounting and other various tasks. I have extensive experience in medical aesthetics and helping people feel good about themselves makes me happy! 

We are now homeowners in Ocean Shores. 

Seeing the desperate need for quality medical care, I look forward to working with this great team to make it a reality.