President & Treasurer: Janet Needham

Secretary: Penny Lane

Ocean Shores Advocate: Kathie Soderquist Nunes

Terms & Expectations:

President is responsible for creating all handbooks, personnel job descriptions, non-profit
documentation, bylaws, &, etc., and any other paperwork or documents
needed to be successful.  I’m retired so this is a great project for me.

The expectations of board members will be:
1. To review, make editing suggestions, and vote on all directives and
2. Review monthly financial reports.
3. Help to approve personnel.
4. All monthly meetings will be by Zoom. Monthly meetings will begin once operational.
5. Promote facility, services, and fundraising.
6. Voice any and all concerns and suggestions.


Although it is preferred a board member to commit to a two-year term, it
will not be “set in stone” if another commitment becomes the priority.

Liability Insurance

B&O liability insurance will be provided by the non-profit’s insurance. Directors do not need to pay into this.